1. Should we go through the items in the estate first?

The family should get everything that they want before we look at the estate for evaluation. When we see the estate for the evaluation we will be basing our sale on the items in the estate at that time.

2. Should we throw away anything?

NO! We will go through everything. If you want to discard something check with us first. Something that you think has no value may be worth lots of money. Even some old blue jeans, shirts or tennis shoes can be valuable!

3. Are there any up front or out of pocket costs?

No upfront or out of pocket fees for the client.

4. Who advertises for the sale?

We advertise for the sale by Website, Estate Sale.Net, Auction-Zip, Facebook, Craigslist, and signs on the day of the sale.

5. Suppose you find something of great value?

We will use our many resources and decide if the item needs to be sold at a local upscale auction, private collector or an auction such as Christies or Sotheby’s.

6. What is the fee to evaluate our items or the estate for sale?

There is no fee to check out your items or the estate. We get a percentage after the sale which will be decided on at the time of evaluation of the estate.

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